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First Time Client? Click Here
First Time Clients Should Arrive 10-15 Minutes Early For Their First Appointment.

COVID Information- I will continue to remain masked during sessions.


Masking for clients is optional. I will have extra masks available if you need one.



Aaron Shay

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Sliding Scale Pricing On All Sessions

With Sliding Scale Pricing, you have the option to pay whatever best fits your budget on any given day. Visit the Booking Page to see rates.


Debit/Credit Card, Cash, Check, and PayPal accepted.


A confirmation email with directions, parking instructions, and general info will be sent once you've scheduled a session.


Every session is customized for you. Some people like a general whole body session, some prefer to focus on just a couple areas. Whatever you're coming in for, we'll plan a session that suits your needs.​

My Approach

More Doesn't Always Mean Better;

Hurting Doesn't Mean It's Working

My intention is to offer professional massage therapy in a safe and relaxing environment in a convenient location!


I employ Swedish massage techniques to facilitate circulation, warm the soft tissues, and to prepare areas for deeper work. Swedish massage has a history of supporting the body's recovery process after exercise or exertion.

I use deep tissue techniques to engage not just the muscle fibers, but also the supporting and underlying connective tissues, otherwise known as Fascia. Tendons come in many shapes and sizes, from the cable-like Achilles tendon to the broader, sheet-like tendons of the Lats and other muscles in the low back. By consciously engaging the connective tissues along with muscle tissue, adhesions (what many call "knots") can be freed up, scar tissue can be made more pliable, and range of motion can be regained.

I incorporate relaxation into all my sessions. The more at ease the body is, the deeper I can sink into and manipulate the soft tissues without causing pain or discomfort. As with so many things in life, More does not always mean Better, and unnecessary pressure just makes muscles tense up more. Life is tough enough already; do you really need your massage to be a chore?

About Me

I've been a North Carolina Massage Therapist (Lic. #6858) since 2007, and I've been in private practice since 2010.

I worked in restaurants in high school and college, drove an ice cream truck, and eventually made my way North to spend two years fishing and crabbing commercially in the waters off Alaska. I experienced my first professional massage sessions while in Homer, Alaska. I've always been physically active, but the rigors of Bering Sea crabbing and Gulf of Alaska longlining tested me, and the massage therapy I received made a huge impact... The seed was planted.

After returning to the Lower 48, I spent nearly 10 years in the electronic security field before making the move to pursue massage therapy at the Body Therapy Institute.

I bring a commitment to understanding the human body, how it moves, how it heals, and how we all can move through the world with more ease.


Located inside the Truist (formally BB&T) Building just East of Northgate Mall and South of I-85 

1530 N. Gregson St. Suite 3C, Durham, NC 27701, USA

3rd Floor, Wheelchair Accessible

Hours- Mon-Fri  9:00am-7pm

          Sat-Sun 10:00am-5pm

(919) 886-6858

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Any concerns about my practice or questions about massage therapy rules and regulations can be addressed to myself or the North Carolina Board Of Massage And Bodywork.

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