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Massage Therapy

Rest & Digest

Massage Therapy is a great way to help your body engage the Parasympathetic Nervous System. Research has consistently shown that engaging this response can lower stress and aid digestion, as well as other wellness benefits.

Time To Pause

Massage Therapy gives you the opportunity to take time for yourself. Sometimes we just need to pause and find some stillness in our lives. The act of being in stillness is still an act, and truly coming to rest is a practice. Massage can help you reconnect with what's happening below the neck and begin the practice of reconnecting with the whole you.

Ease Minor Discomfort

Massage Therapy can aid natural processes like circulation, supporting your own response to discomfort. Engaging the soft tissues can help relieve the localized aches and pains that sometimes creep up on us. General relaxation can aid in overused muscle fibers letting go on their own.

Massage Therapy

Basic Massage Therapy differs from Bodywork Therapy in its longterm approach. Massage is a great way to take a break and find relief from non-chronic issues. A Massage Therapy session will be quiet, relaxing, and geared toward reminding your body how to let go of day-to-day stress. While Bodywork Therapy aims at discovering and changing the habits and patterns of movement that create chronic discomfort and postural issues, Massage Therapy has a more meditative aspect. This allows you to let go of some of the stressors (both mental and physical) that may be causing temporary feelings of imbalance or discomfort. 

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